Welcome to America's Boating Club, also known as the United States Power Squadron! Our organization seeks to accomplish three primary goals for its members:


As a nationally recognized boating education organization, we strive to enable our members to become more competent and confident on the water so that they can more fully enjoy their boating interests and pursuits.


As our tagline says, we are a community that was built For Boaters, By Boaters®. Whether your passion is cruising, sailing or paddling, we are here to connect you to the resources to help you engage your passions – and perhaps instill some new ones! You’ll be creating a lifetime of memories on the water, on shore, and in the community.


We inspire members to support their communities. From volunteering to teaching individuals and classes, to providing free Vessel Safety Checks, to crowd sourcing navigation updates, waterway cleanups and more, our members give back while spending time with family and fellow members. Sharing our skills and knowledge benefits the entire community as well as boaters.

This web site has been recognized with the national 2021 Distinctive Communicator Award. Thanks to the many members in the District who made this possible with the content they provided for this site!