Our regional organization is managed by a team of volunteers that make up the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is composed of flag officers, assistants, and on some occasions a committee chair. Please take a few minutes to meet them:



Richard Hibbs, SN (Rochester)

Raised in the Rochester NY area, Rick wasn't introduced to sailing until he attended the University of New Hampshire. After college, Rick proceeded to teach himself how to sail on Lake Ontario on a series of sailboats starting with a Sunfish through a Sabre 28-2, his current boat. He continued building his sailing and boating skills via self-teaching, reading books on sailing, and racing in the program at Genesee Yacht Club, ultimately earning a 50 Ton USCG Master with a sailing endorsement.

Along the way, Rick became fascinated with marine sextants and wanting to learn how they worked. He discovered the United States Power Squadrons and started taking their classes. During his studies, he started helping out with teaching and became an instructor. He then served multiple terms on the Bridge of the Rochester Squadron before being asked to serve on the District Bridge, eventually becoming District Commander.

Rick and his wife, Bridgett, who is also very active within America's Boating Club, enjoy bareboat chartering in exotic locations such as Greece and the Caribbean.

From Rick: "I am very lucky to be working with a fine, capable Bridge, also dedicated to keeping the District viable, fun, and supportive of the missions of America’s Boating Club. We are all ready to enthusiastically follow up on suggestions from any member to help us achieve that goal! Don’t hesitate to contact me, or any other member of the Bridge.

"Let's go boating!"

Executive Officer

Linda LaDuc, AP (Utica)

Linda has been a member of America’s Boating Club/USPS since taking the Basic Boating Course in 2003. Having been a sailor/boater for many years she joined the Utica Sail and Power Squadron for the main purpose of taking advantage of the many courses offered. Along the way, however, she discovered that the camaraderie aspect of membership was also a major reason to stick around.

That camaraderie was tested almost immediately when she was asked to become Secretary, moved up to Administrative Officer and later Executive Officer. She backed away from office for a couple of years before being sworn in as Commander of the Squadron, a position she held for nearly 10 years, stepping down only after selling their home in the Utica area and making a permanent move to a cottage on Lake Ontario. In the meantime, she was asked to take over as D/6 Administrative Officer and now holds down the Executive Officer position.

Linda has sailed a 12-foot catboat dubbed “the little red tub”, a Phantom, a Sun Fish and keeps busy trying to maintain and sail a 28-foot 1978 Mariner sloop out of Chaumont Bay on Lake Ontario. Kayaking, biking and splashing around in the lake are also favorite activities. She loves sports, having played women’s softball for 24 years, enjoys watching the NY Yankees and NY Rangers and spends a lot of time strumming her guitars.

She considers herself a late bloomer, having first worked as a secretary, a Therapy Aide and after completing her college education finished her working career as an elementary school Physical Education teacher and coach, ironically at Whitesboro Central School, a district she graduated from a “few” years ago.

Administrative Officer

Karen Green (Syracuse)

As soon as we can get Karen off her boat, we'll get her bio uploaded here!





Educational Officer

Leslie Smith, JN (Susquenango)

Raised in the Binghamton area, Les was introduced to boating by his father when he bought his first boat. Les was taught how to drive it when he was only10 years old.

Many years (and boats) later, Les started cruising in a new 25-foot Larson cruiser. He travelled the entire length of the Erie Canal from the Hudson to the Niagara, and up the Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. At that time he took the Coast Guard Auxiliary's version of the ABC class. After taking the class he wanted to teach it so he joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary and began teaching their safe boating class.

Now Les and his wife Ann have a 23-foot open bow Rinker Captiva. (They spend as much time on it as possible, usually on Oneida Lake or the St. Lawrence River).

When the Rinker was purchased in 2006, Ann wanted to take a course. The USPS had one that summer, so they took it together. They joined the Susquenango Squadron right after the class so Les could resume teaching boat safety. During the following years Les took more classes and seminars and taught himself JN (beginning celestial navigation).

Les became the Education Officer for the Susquenango Squadron in 2011, and won the Chapman teaching award that year, too. Les was asked to become the ADEO in 2018 and will become the DEO at the COW in spring 2022.

Les has often said: “Joining the USPS was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I thoroughly enjoy teaching the classes and am very thankful for all the things I’ve learned and the new friends I’ve made.”


Christopher Foster (Syracuse)

Chris has been a member of the Syracuse Sail & Power Squadron (SSPS) since October, 2020 and the USPS shortly after. Chris was elected to the USPS District 6 Secretary position in April, 2021.

Sailing is a hobby that Chris has always wanted to do. Prior to joining the SSPS, Chris was employed at Lockheed Martin Syracuse (2005 – 2015), Lockheed Martin Owego (1996 – 2005) and IBM Owego (1979 – 1996). Chris had a very distinguished career in Design Engineering, Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture. Chris retired in 2015 to enjoy life and explore new hobbies, of which sailing was a top priority.
Chris has two daughters, a son-in-law and two granddaughters, whom he hopes to introduce to sailing when they are a little older.

Chris also enjoys kayaking, motorcycle riding, astronomy, golfing and working to improve the Onondaga Yacht Club with his fellow members. Chris has taken advantage of the many sailing classes that are available through the America’s Boating Club.


James Sharpe, AP (Syracuse)

We can't get Jim off his boat, either, but we're trying. Stay tuned!




Assistant Educational Officer

Ira Goldman (Iroquois)

Assistant Secretary

David Daniels, SN (Susquenango)

Dave is further inland and spends lots of time stargazing. As soon as we figure out which remote location his telescope is in, we'll get his bio, too.





Assistant Treasurer

Bridgetta Arieno, JN (Rochester) 

Bridgett started sailing as a teenager on her father’s Coronodo 25. Her father (Joe Arieno) was very active in the US Power Squadron, even serving as D/6 Commander, so it made sense for Bridgett to join in 1988. Bridgett took an interest in the boating classes offered, taking several electives and the “core” classes through Junior Navigator (JN). With the amount of work involved in JN, Bridgett decided to go back to school to earn her MBA rather than continue on with Senior Navigation.

In addition to sailing with her husband, Rick Hibbs, on their Sabre 28, Bridgett also enjoys puttering around on Irondequoit Bay in her Bayliner Element 16. To round out their boat collection, they also have a canoe and an 8-foot sailing dinghy.

Bridgett retired from a career in Internal Audit in July 2020 so she can enjoy more time boating and travelling, cooking, reading, and spending more time with family.

Webmaster & Newsletter Editor

Thomas Alley, SN-CN (Finger Lakes Chapter)

Tom and his family sail a 1965 Alberg 35 sloop, Tomfoolery, and are active racers and cruisers with the Finger Lakes Yacht Club in Watkins Glen, NY.

Tom has been a USPS member since the late '80s when he got serious about sailing and having fun on the water. He served multiple terms as the Education Officer for the Niagara Squadron before transferring to the Finger Lakes Chapter (Seneca) when he relocated to the Southern Tier area in the early 2000's. There he served as the Education Officer for a dozen years before being elected to the District 6 Bridge, first as Assistant Education Officer (2017-2019) and then as District Education Officer (2019-2022). He is also a member of the USPS National IT Committee, Chairman of the Boat Systems Committee, as well as the District 6 webmaster and newsletter editor.

In addition to his duties above, Tom manages the Alberg 35 User Group web site and spends a little time indulging in amateur radio under the call sign NT2S ("Nice Time 2 Sail").

When he's not sailing, thinking about sailing, or tinkering with his boat, Tom is either scuba diving, hanging out with fellow amateur radio operators, or (as a last resort) working as an engineer to support his sailing addiction and, if there’s any money left over, send his kids to college.