The Central & Western New York Region of America's Boating Club is organized into a series of departments and committees to cover various functions of the club. These departments are summarized as follows:

  • Executive - Supervised by the District Executive Officer (DXO)
  • Administrative - Supervised by the District Administrative Officer (DAO)
  • Educational - Lead by the District Education Officer (DEO), this department is responsible for enabling local chapters to provide quality educational programs to their members and to the general public.
  • Secretarial - This department manages all of the club's records and documentation. Committees reporting to the Secretary are:
    • Newsletter - Chaired by the Editor, this committee is responsible for the regular publication of the club's newsletter.
    • Information Technology - This team is responsible for all aspects of IT within the club. The majority of this effort goes toward the maintenance and upkeep of the region's web site.
  • Treasury - As its name implies, this department manages and tracks the club's finances and monetary transactions.