The District Educational Department serves as a liaison between local Education Departments in the district squadrons and chapters and the National Educational Department. The District Educational Department also assists with coordinating educational efforts between squadrons and possibly other districts.

The Educational Department consists of the following roles:

  • District Educational Officer (DEO) - A member of the District Bridge. This person is responsible for managing educational operations within the District.
  • Assistant District Educational Officer (ADEO) - Assists the DEO with district educational efforts.
  • Squadron Educational Officers (SEOs and ASEOs) - Educational officers of individual squadrons and chapters and their assistants. They are responsible for managing educational efforts in their local area.

In addition to the leadership positions above, the District Educational Department also includes various committee chairs. These positions are filled at the discretion of the District Commander at the recommendation of the DEO:

  • Teaching Aids
  • Advanced Grades
  • Electives
  • Public Boating Education
  • Boat Operator Certification